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My best friends and only sibling tried warning me, but love was blind and I believed in this scam artist.The friends have unfriended me and my brother disowned me.There were 3,543 reports of romance fraud made to the organisation last year, totalling losses of £33 million, an increase of £4 million compared with 2013.‘Indeed, there’s evidence they seek out the most vulnerable lonely hearts by making deliberate spelling mistakes in their emails or concocting implausible lies — research from Microsoft shows that those who overlook these lies and mistakes are more likely to be less cynical and more desperate.More tragically still, some may take their lives rather than face the ignominy of admitting they were scammed in their quest for love.Unfortunately, it took me too long to understand that he was a conman. All of a sudden after two months, he had money problems.

Sometimes they will ask for money to help them through a difficult situation. Anyone can send a picture which supports a story they are spinning.

In 2010, lonely divorcee Philip Hunt committed suicide, by lying in front of a train, after he was conned out of £82,000 by a so-called romance fraudster online.‘He told me he was 49 and that his partner had gone off with his best friend,’ recalls Linda.

‘He was good looking with short, dark, slightly greying hair. He texted and called a lot.’‘About a month later I sent him another £7,000.

But it’s gone, never to be retrieved, in the hands of a professional criminal — or perhaps even a gang — fuelling one of the UK’s fastest growing, yet largely unreported, crimes, known as Romance Fraud.

And it is this shame, according to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre, that is fuelling the crimewave.

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