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Jeremy Northam, “English actor,” celebrates his 50th birthday today!

For close to 25 of those 50 years he has been one of the best actors, of any nationality, in the business.

You have a big kissing scene with hot young star Josh Hartnett. God, it was my very first day and I had to kiss him madly in the middle of the sea which was really difficult.

At the same night, when Dale was going to meet her, he is suddenly killed in a plane crash.

Going to Mexico in her vacation, Angela meets a beautiful guy called Jack Devlin (Jeremy Northam)who shows to be a cold blood killer bastard and one of the guys behind all the secret of the Diskette.

For her contributions in the field of acting and dance, she has won several awards and nominations.

As far as her dating history and personal life is concerned, it too has been covered widely by the tabloids.

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