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An and always in the code module of the worksheet, whenever the value of any cell on the worksheet is changed by user input or by other VBA code (but not if the change in value is a result of a formula calculation). The events and their procedure declarations are fixed.

i am looking for some code to query active directory as follows 1) search for groups in AD using a wildcard 2) for each of the groups found list the members produce worksheet as follows group1, membername1 group1, membername2 group1, membername3 group2, membername1 group2, membername2 group3, membername1 i managed to get the desired result in the end by a lot of google and usage of Vbscript from various sources all over the net, in my own novice way I will try and convert to VBA if at all possible as time permits If any wants a copy of the vbscript I will paste here ok, not the prettiest code but it works, this one queries LDAP using a wildcard and returns tallys on one sheets and expanded info on another sheet appears to run quicker than the VBSCRIPT version, working on the conversion of the one to list users, watch this space example of group to query ABC-Printers* Sub LDAPQuery Devices() '**** ' VBSCRIPT to interogate AD/LDAP for a given group and report the following ' ' 1) tally of the number of members of the given group ' 2) list user details against group ' ' Author Jim Ward ' Creation 27th May 2011 ' ' Gleaned from various sources and assembled into the following ' '**** ' '**** ' declare some array storage for names and paths '**** ' Dim grouppaths(500) As String Dim groupnames(500) As String numheader2 = 4 Dim headers2(4) As String headers2(1) = "Group Name" headers2(2) = "Device Name" headers2(3) = "Operating System" headers2(4) = "Distinguished Name" No Entry = "No Entry" Const xl Ascending = 1 Const xl Descending = 2 Const xl Yes = 1 Const Tally Name = "Counts" Const List Name = "Devices" ' '**** ' prompt user for group to find '**** ' groupname = Input Box("Please enter the name of the group:") If groupname = "" Then Exit Sub End If ' '**** ' set up our ADO query and excute it to find group matches '**** ' Application.

Command Text = "SELECT adspath,cn from 'LDAP://" & get NC & _ "' WHERE object Category = 'Group' and cn = '" & groupname & "'" cmd.activeconnection = cn Set rs = cmd. Status Bar = "Records Found..." & i ' '**** ' Turn off updates and calculations '**** ' Application. Status Bar = "Creating Worksheet headers..." If i 0 Then ' '**** ' Copy Field names to header row of worksheet 1 '**** ' Set objsheet = Worksheets(1) objsheet.

Close If i = 0 Then Msg Box "Nothing Found, Exiting" Exit Sub End If Application. Display Status Bar = True ' '**** ' found something so create the output files and write the headers '**** ' Application.

Use the following steps to perform the search: Initially, you might think that you should add your VBA code to one of the worksheets, and write the event handler subroutine for the Change event of the Worksheet object.

If you do that, your code will run whenever the data in the specified target cell is changed, but it will run only when the user adds the name to the cell in that particular worksheet.

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