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Much of her music has advocated female empowerment, denouncing the frequent sexism found in hip-hop music. Yo-Yo dubbed her crew the IBWC, which stood for the Intelligent Black Woman's Coalition.Yo-Yo first appeared as a guest on Ice Cube's Ameri KKKa's Most Wanted album in 1990, on the track "It's a Man's World." Cube returned the favor by appearing on "You Can't Play with My Yo-Yo," which was on Yo-Yo's 1991 debut album, Make Way for the Motherlode.Later that year, she performed with MC Lyte, The Lady of Rage, and Salt-n-Pepa at the BET Hip Hop Awards.As of 2009, she has been at work on an EP, titled My Journey to Fearless: The Black Butterfly.Beginning in 2014, organization and management of the World Yo-Yo Contest was transferred to the International Yo-Yo Federation (IYYF), the international governing body for yo-yoing as a sport.

In 2000, organization of the contest was taken on and developed into its current format by Greg Cohen.The World Yo-Yo Contest is the largest gathering of competitive yo-yo players and fans in the world.More than 1000 yo-yo players from 30 countries and regions, including Japan, USA, Iceland, China, Czech Republic, Singapore, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, and many more, come to see the world’s top players to battle in six divisions for the World Yo-Yo Champion title.At this point you should know- 'support' has to change definition from stopping her eating the burger to ordering two for her.If periods and diets coincide- Stay well clear my friend- especially if the first day of her period lands on the first day of her diet- your relationship may be at risk if you say the wrong thing or the right thing that she's taken completely out of context.

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